“The sunstick tomorrow”

We are creating a new standard of Sun Stick which it makes contemporary Sunscreen brand, Baldr We started by sorting the actual experiences of users who use Sun Stick by context and by age to collect the inconveniences and needs that they actually feel. Beyond the existing products that were difficult to keep all the Face & Body from UV with just one stick, Balder designed by the most adjustable & convenience when using in actual use. It was born with the next generation design with the most optimized shape and portability. Beyond the aesthetically pleasing as the most functional look, the design will create new standards and trends in sunscreens industry.


“Innovation for non-toxic, Natural everyday”

We constantly research on your daily life with nature to be safe We have been working in a special way from the early days of production for the 'right to maintain everyone's beauty'.Baldr's researchers studied the formula of natural ingredients to meet the needs of all skin types by using only the safe ingredients that are essential for UV blocking under deep understanding and thorough management of UV protection mechanism, Baldr will keep promises ! Every moment with nature, Baldr will provide your safety of beauty along with amazing experiences time to time.

Discover strength of beauty by protecting UV


To make your skin safe from the hot summer threat

We have been continuously research on protect your precious skin as well as your family from summer melanocyte to blacken the skin, damage the cells to promote skin aging UVA, UVB UV rays that make the skin red in summer. Baldr's sun stick is a combination of natural plant extracts that are less irritating and minimize inflammatory reactions that can occur in the skin. It also helps to calm tired skin from sunburn. We will continue to keep you safe from the elements that threaten your beauty as first step to the last step of exposure from ultraviolet light.

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