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Information Use

Cart/Wish list Guide

  1. Please note that international shipping and domestic delivery items can not be purchased together.
  2. International Shipping If your order is available, you can place it in your domestic shipping cart and go to International Shipping shopping cart.
  3. If you want to change the quantity of the selected item, click the button after changing the quantity.
  4. You can continue shopping by clicking the Continue Shopping button.
  5. You can order only the product you want or register as an item of interest using a shopping cart and wish list.
  6. The Attach File option replaces the last uploaded file when you add the same product to the cart.

Interest-free installment plan information

  1. To receive interest-free installment benefits by product, you can order/pay by pressing [Order] button only for non-interest-free installment products.
  2. If you click the [Order full product] button, all Sealed items will be ordered/payed regardless of the shopping area.
  3. However, if you order/pay for the entire product, you will not be eligible for interest-free installment savings per product.

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